The following list comes from Duvall and Hays, Grasping God’s Word.

What to look for in Bible texts (that will help you interpret them):

In Sentences

  1. Repetition of Words
  2. Contrasts
  3. Comparisons
  4. Lists
  5. Cause and Effect
  6. Figures of Speech
  7. Conjunctions
  8. Verbs
  9. Pronouns

In Paragraphs

  1. General and Specific
  2. Questions and Answers
  3. Dialogue
  4. Purpose/Result Statements
  5. Means
  6. Conditional Clauses
  7. Actions/Roles of People or God
  8. Emotional Terms
  9. Tone

In Discourses

  1. Connections between Paragraphs and Episodes
  2. Story Shifts: Major Breaks and Pivots
  3. Interchange (aka intercalation or “sandwiching”)
  4. Chiasm
  5. Inclusio

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