When it comes to the question of what we believe, we evangelical Christians offer the Bible as our foundation for faith and practice. But why do we believe the Bible? It’s a compelling book, yes, but so are other books. The question really is, “Is it true?” And the second question is, “How do we know it is true?”

Let’s start with the existence of God. We have many good, sound reasons for believing in the existence of God. I won’t argue them here; instead, we will assume this truth. Building on that foundation, we can move into talking about who this God is. First, we would say he is the Creator. Now think about this: a God who creates ipso facto reveals himself, at least in a general sort of way. God’s act of creation gives his creatures access to knowing him, at least in part. That’s revelation, self-disclosure. We can know something about the creator by observing his creation. For example, God created large creatures and microscopic creatures; he created rocks and trees; he created color and music; he created humanity. All of these designs tell us something about the designer.

Now a Creator of living beings who possess the ability to communicate with one another may very well choose to communicate with those creatures beyond mere general revelation of himself through creation. Indeed, doesn’t it stand to reason that he would communicate to them? Logically, yes. So, what would it look like if he did? And does history reveal that he has?

A Creator God who has fashioned a world from nothing, a world in which he is not confined, mind you, could choose to send messages to that world via any number of media. But the most likely way to get attention would be through doing something extraordinary.

In the next part in this series, we will consider the miraculous communication from God to humanity.

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